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Your Kid's Drawing-Immortalized in GOLD by Drawnies®

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18k White Gold Plated
18k Gold Plated
18k Rose Gold Plated
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Imagine in a not too far future: Your child is 16 years old. It starts to go its own way. The memories of the times when you still carried your darling in your arms are fading.

All the little works of art it drew for you with love are dusty, yellowed, gone, or broken. Children paint. They express their feelings with it, process their experiences, or just want to show you how much they love you. Your child's soul lives in these drawings. It is a shame that something so precious is put on something as fragile as paper.

Drawnies has therefore made it its mission to immortalize all these little works of art of your loved ones. And which material would be better for immortalizing than the most durable material in the world: Gold.

Everything that happens in your child's mind and everything that he carries in his heart, his love, his ideas, and his feelings are preserved forever. Protected from the ravages of time. For you - and for your child.

Which drawings are ok?

✅ Stick figures / colored figures
✅ Pretty much all drawings with hard lines
✅ Clear and short handwriting (e.g. a name)
❌ Normal photos of people/pets

If you are not sure if the drawing works, please write us an email at Our support team will help you and tell you if it works!

5 reasons for our product

1. No more lost papers or drawings
2. Carry your child's drawing always with you
3. Suprise your family with a special gift
4. No fading of the colors
5. Unique & personal

Product Details

  • Material: 18k white gold plating, 18k gold plating,18k rose gold plating
  • Colors: white gold, gold, or rose gold
  • Pendant size: about 5 cm
  • Chain: 45 cm + 5cm
  • High quality and durable chain
  • Unique and individual production
  • All orders are sent in our beautiful gift box

3 easy steps

  1. Choose your item and upload the picture
  2. With much love and fine work, your Drawnie is created by hand
  3. Your order arrives at home


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