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Orders & Shipping

Yes, we ship world wide! 

If your country isn't listed yet, please write our support team a mail.

Email: Info@drawnies.com


We have a world wide pandemic, at the moment we can't guarantee you the turnaround times stated below to 100%. In very few cases it may happen, that the order needs some more time. Please understand, we are doing our best to make them as fast as possible! 

We make every piece for you from scratch and make it by hand with love.
Therefore it takes some time from the drawing to your new favorite piece.

Why do we need so much time?

You will receive a unique piece from us, which is made especially for you. No mass-produced goods and nothing that can be stored pre-fabricated.

Step 1: We wait about 48 hours until we forward your order. Sometimes it happens that somebody wants a change the image or the product. So it's for your own good, if we forward the order instantly, we can't do any changes if needed.

Step 2: Our designer will vectorise your picture via hand into a format, which we can use to bring it to life. Our designer has to adapt the images so we can process them with our laser and that the resulting individual pieces are stable enough. 

Step 3: Your pictures will be brought to life. After this, your item/s needs to be poolished. 

Step 4: The plating of your new unique items is a process, we can't speed up. It needs about 4-5days, to ensure that the plating will not disappear and you can enjoy your jewelry for a very long time.

Afterwards we pack your order and we have to wait for the courier to pick it up. 

So including production time the delivery time is normally about 3-5 weeks. 

We know that you would like to have your order tomorrow. Since we manufacture each product individually for you, the process takes longer. 

We ask for your understanding and your patience. 

Our headquarter is located in Germany, Bavaria near Munich. 

One of our colleagues is managing the production in Shanghai, to guarantee you the best quality possible. So please don't be surprised if your tracking code states it is coming from Shanghai, this is normal. 

We accept every major credit and debit card including:
Visa, AMEX, MasterCard, American Express. We also offer you Apple Pay,Klarna and Direct transfer.

In the event that you do not have a credit card and do not wish to use Affirm, please use our contact form to request alternate payment methods.   

Yes we do. Please check your spam folder.

We don't know why, but sometimes our conformation e-mail lands there. 

We have also experienced that some email providers block our mails sent by the system (GMAIL, HOTMAIL). 

If your conformation mail is missing, please write our support team a mail, they will help you. Email: info@drawnies.com


If you are not sure about your picture, you can send us a mail including your picture and we will have a look at it.

E-Mail: Info@drawnies.com 

Please note: We cannot take over your drawing to 1000% as you send it to us. Sometimes we have to change the proportions or the look of the pendant to make it as stable as possible. We need a certain thickness of metal to be able to engrave it.

Stainless steel jewellery is particularly robust and easy to clean. However, it can lose some of its shine over time. But don't worry, the jewellery can easily be cleaned with soap and water. So that you can enjoy your unicum for a long time, we recommend that you observe the following:

• Avoid wearing it while bathing or showering

• Unnecessary contact with cosmetics or perfume should be avoided

• Put it down overnight 

You can have a look on our website, to see the prices.


We'd like to do it, but we can't. 

If we were to do that, we would need an additional estimated 1 week to produce your unique pieces.

We would have to send the before picture to each of you, wait for your answer and if you don't like something, change it again and wait for your answer again.

You can see many examples of how the drawings look like on our homepage. 



For this question, use our REFUND POLICY page.